Let your dreams guide you

Whether you’re with the whole family, on a romantic date or out and about with friends, PlaineCommune has some fantastic sights to see and things to do. Come and explore the wealth this area just outside Paris has to offer – including architectural wonders, like the Saint-Denis basilica and the national archives at Pierrefitte; stunning natural beauty of its parks and gardens; and important local heritage sites. You will be amazed by the variety on offer as well as history of the area.

Must-see sights to explore

Whether you’re coming to Plaine Commune for the day, a week or just a few hours, here are a few of the must-see sights you’ll love visiting again and again. 

These points of interest, such as the Saint-Denis basilica, the Musée d’art et d’histoire (Saint-Denis museum of art and history), the Marché aux Puces (Saint-Ouen Flea Market), the garden city of Stains and many other historical sites, have been specifically selected to accurately reflect the area as well as its traditions and history.

Heritage and local curiosities

Taking a step back from the best-known sights in the area, Plaine Commune is home to some hidden treasures that are sure to astonish you.

Whether it’s a church that will leave you spellbound with its stained-glass windows and history, such as Notre Dame des Missions, or an architecturally exceptional building, these local curiosities tell a tale about the history of the area, or can be linked to well-known people from the community.

Green spaces perfect for a stroll

The towns of Plaine Commune are proud of their multitude of parks and gardens. Come and take a breath of fresh air far from the crowds in Paris. 

These vast open spaces, such as the large parks Georges Valbon and L’Ile-Saint-Denis, give you the opportunity to enjoy not only picturesque strolls all throughout the year, but also nature experiences hosted by experts.