Villes des Musiques du Monde - Jacaranda + Roda Do Cavaco

Cultural ,  Festival ,  Concert ,  Dance ,  World Music at Aubervilliers

  • The World Music Festival returns for its 22nd edition, in Seine-Saint-Denis and in Greater Paris! Theme 2019: "Our Americas"

    "Jacarandá" translates to "rosewood", a tree with precious wood, "explains the singer and Brazilian cavaquinho player, before adding" I am interested in wood, because I have been making my own instruments for 5 years. The forest has entered my life. Fernando delPapa has therefore conceived an ecologist tale that reflects both his tender and critical look at his country. He set it to music and stage with 4 musicians and a dancer. The result: a skilful, sensual and sensual show that invites you to clear new paths, between Afro-Brazilian trance, Amazonian realities and openness to the world.

    Roda Do Cavaco:

    Since he set his bags in Paris at the beginning of this century, the Brazilian has multiplied the musical adventures - the very daring Orquestra do Fuba, the most reckless Terça Feira Trio ... - but it's his Roda do Cavaco who has been both the most sustainable and the most fruitful. The principle is simple: six virtuosos form a circle around Fernando's cavaquinho. In their hands, a 7 strings guitar but especially percussions of all sizes and of all kinds, from the tambourine (pandeiro) to the drums (rebolo, tantam, repique de mão). All sing with enthusiasm and, among the classics of samba, slip some personal compositions that one would swear written in Rio. Galvanized, the audience is agitated, excited, dancing and clapping. Look no further for the recipe for jubilation ...
    Guest artist: Joao Cavalcanti
  • Spoken languages
  • From October 11, 2019 to October 11, 2019
  • Full-fare

    • Annual

    10,99 €
  • On October 11, 2019 at 8:30 PM
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