Pha Dat + Silver Louzy + Pont-A-Mousson

Cultural ,  Concert at Saint-Ouen

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    Silver Louzy
    Synth-pop / Paris
    Songwriter pure juice, behind his synthesizers, he is always looking for the melody that makes a hit, the simple sentence that touches. Frank Pop, Silver Louzy's first EP written entirely in French is expected this spring. It mixes the raw energy of John Maus, synth pop sounds of Daho period La notte, the specter of Ramones ... Always with its tender nonchalance and its air not to touch it.

    Phat Dat
    Pop-tropical / Catapult Records, Another Record
    Quartet propelled by the London label Catapulte Records and Another Record (Satellite Jockey, Selen Peacock), Phat Dat is about to deliver a brand new EP in April: 6 pieces of a tropical pop sometimes dancing, sometimes contemplative, but still quite unique of its kind. Bonus: the quartet includes among its ranks Yippie's Quest (author of a unique and great cassette at AB Records in 2015) and Remi Richarme (Sierra Manhattan, Satellite Jockey, Francois Virot, KCIDY ...).

    Bridge at Monsoon
    Psych-folk-pop / Health Loisirs, AB Records
    New nugget unearthed by AB Records and the Brussels label Health Loisir, Pont-à-Mousson has released a second album of a nice pop in folk style last February, which has been running in loop in our walkmans. On the program: subtly psyche-style folk songs like Woods, others pop-dance-melancholic and a bunch of little power tubes that should accompany us for a little while.
  • Spoken languages
  • On April 23, 2019 at 8:00 PM
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