Nouvel an Berbère

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  • Artists berbérophones, arabic-speakers and French speakers will come to cheer up of their songs the celebration of YENNAYER to return her even more beautiful.

    The Berber people were equipped with a calendar propped up on the rhythm of the nature with which he was in total harmony. The day of the Berber year ( Yennayer), is conceived as a renewal, an initiation into a new temporal cycle where the still life gives way to the luxuriant life. It is the moment when the declining sun re-emerges triumphantly from long winter nights. Also symbol of reunions between the Berbers and their history of which they were inequitably despoiled, YENNAYER, conscript also Tibbura useggas (the doors of the year), will be the opportunity, for the Association Friendship solidarity Franco-Arabo-Berbère, to immortalize this beautiful tradition, several times thousand-year-old, in a spirit of opening and brotherhood.
    Berbérophones artists, arabic-speakers and French speakers will come to cheer up of their singings the celebration of YENNAYER to make her(it) even more beautiful. The city of Stains will seize this opportunity to honor the memory of another sun of the Berber and universal culture, put out(switched off) for ever, by hands murder, in the top of its career: Lounes Matoub.
    His name will be set in stone of the city of Stains so that its work, its spirit and its fly-away voice shine for ever
    Way of the free People.
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  • From January 26, 2019 to January 26, 2019
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  • On January 26, 2019 at 20:30
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