Cultural ,  Concert ,  Jazz and blues at Saint-Denis

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  • Musicians are going to tell you the story of the Commune de Paris in 1871!

    Emmanuel Bex gathered, with the director David Lescot, musicians whom they appreciate particularly. We know them all about the Jazz Club, to have already applauded them on their own projects. It is the first time when we see them gathered, in the service of a proposal so ambitious.

    Together, they are going to tell the story of the Municipality. Oratorio? Opéra-jazz? Let us listen to them, and we shall have all the time to discuss the style later.

    They gathered of what to hold a barricade. Honor to the women: beside Élise Caron who lends his voice, body and soul, to the heroines of the Municipality, here is Géraldine Laurent, breath of one thousand winds, about ten fingers in every hand. And then Simon Goubert, epic drummer, he speaks, he listens to, he tells, he knows how to be of a violent
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  • From January 28, 2019 to January 28, 2019
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