Circus festival - Fratellini Circus Tour / Stopover in Saint-Denis

Cultural ,  Festival ,  Circus in Saint-Denis
  • A few weeks before the launch of the Olympic Games, the Fratellini Circus is joining forces with the Basinga Company and Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga, one of the rare female tightrope walkers in the world to perform at great heights: circus workshops and other festivities!

  • Located in Saint-Denis, the Fratellini Academy is an internationally renowned circus school and a place for creating and presenting shows. Since 2022, the Fratellini Academy has undertaken major renovation and extension work on its equipment which has led it to develop itinerant projects in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, grouped under the name “Fratellini Circus Round ".
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    • Close to a public transportation
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  • Free
  • From May 25, 2024 until June 29, 2024
    Open Everyday
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