Africolor - Douce transe + Trans Kabar

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imgcarousel-name-misingFestival Africolor
  • Festival of music from Africa.

    >>> Sweet trance, Space Galvachers feat Olivier Araste

    CLÉMENT JANINET prepared violin
    CLÉMENT PETIT cello prepared, electronic
    BENJAMIN FLAMENT percussion, urban violin making
    OLIVIER ARASTE voice, percussion

    The Space Galvachers trio meets the singer and musician Olivier Araste, leader of the group of Maloya Reunion Lindigo. Their goal ? Create a contemporary trance, original, without borders but rich in strong cultures. To do this, the instruments prepared mix with contemporary original instruments, unifying urban experimental music and traditional Reunion music. The repertoire is halfway between written music and improvised music, in order to create an "imaginary folklore" rooted in the tradition of Reunion maloya.

    >>> Trans Kabar

    JEAN-DIDIER HOAREAU, voice, kayamb
    STÉPHANE HOAREAU, electric guitar, choirs
    THEO GIRARD, double bass, choirs
    IANIK TALLET, drums, chorus, vocals

    Trans Kabar, a Maloya rock band, works on the mystical rites of Reunion Island to develop a music of "trans maloya". They are inspired by the Servis Kabaré, a festive ritual of slave rituals made to communicate with the ancestors through music, songs and dances.
    Often rejected, forbidden, almost forgotten, this rite has survived in hiding. Trans Kabar brings it up to date. Here, musicians and public form an indissociable whole; music becomes an excuse to converse.
    In Trans Kabar, musicians rely on the traditional songs of maloya and the traditional tunes of Servis Kabare. Spontaneous, the four artists leave a large place to improvisation. Maloya rock rhythms that are sculpted around the voice and kayamb to plunge into the laments of an island blues.
  • From December 1, 2019 to December 1, 2019
  • Adult

    • Annual - Reduced rates: 12 € / 17 €

    23 €
  • Child rate

    • Annual -

    6 €
  • On December 1, 2019 at 4:00 PM
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