Plaine Commune Grand Paris boasts many different routes for you to enjoy walks and bike rides.

Heritage walking trails

To get a true feel for any city, there’s nothing better than to discover it on foot. Several walking trails have been designed so that families and colleagues can explore the area. Head to the Tourist Information Centre in Saint Denis city centre where you can pick up a copy of the Heritage Walks leaflet. The trail covers 2km (1.2 miles) stretching from the Saint Denis Basilica to the Stade de France passing by the city’s historical monuments. Tourist information panels can be found along the trail detailing the history of the city, from its very beginnings through to the 21st Century. 

Another walking trail traces the history of Saint-Denis over 2.5km (1.6 miles) from point of view of 19th Century industrial development. The trail, which goes from the city gates of Paris to Saint-Denis station, is available for consultation on the website and the Tourist Information Centre application. Three other one-hour trails showcase the industrial heritage of the town of Saint-Ouen, revealing buildings of either architectural or historical interest.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten track, make your way over to the streets of the garden city of Stains to discover its history on a 2.5km (1.6 mile) walking trail. Developed throughout the 1920s and 30s, this place like no other illustrates the principles of social housing. Sir Ebenezer Howard imagined this innovative concept, aiming to create an authentic, rationally planned hygienic city in a rural area that is self-sufficient in terms of employment, housing, agriculture and industry. The architects Eugène Gonnot and Georges Albenque used Howard’s theory to design the garden city of Stains. 

For those seeking something more physically challenging, a 7km-long (4.3 miles) trail at Epinay-sur-Seine has been designed to take visitors through the town’s historical sights, going from one station to the other.

Wandering down the Saint-Denis Canal

Get your trainers, bike or even your roller skates ready and come explore the charming canal in Saint-Denis. 
Opened in 1821, the Saint-Denis canal stretches over 6.6km (4.1 miles), the first part of which goes from Paris right through to the Stade de France. The banks of the canal are an ideal place to take a leisurely walk and relax. This walking trail guides you along the banks of the canal to discover the landscape and the way in which it is used has changed over time. The second part of the canal, which goes from the Stade de France to Saint-Denis station, is packed with history, industrial heritage and artistic creativity. The trail boasts some remarkable sights, such as the drying sheds and the former Christofle factory on the bank opposite.

The banks of the River Seine

Enjoy a stroll along the banks of the River Seine, down its converted, timeworn towpaths. You could also retrace the history of some of the world’s most well renowned impressionist artists.

Art in the city walking trail

Works of contemporary art can be seen through the streets of Saint-Ouen, decorating the façades of buildings, setting the scene in squares and enhancing the landscapes of parks and gardens. Discover several different walking trails with our leaflet inviting young and old to explore the city and discover its masterpieces. 

Find some of the trails using the “Plaine Commune Grand Paris” application or the website. Furthermore, the Tourist Information Centre organises guided walking tours on various themesthroughout the year.