Plaine Commune, living heritage outside the gates of Paris

Plaine Commune enjoys a wealth and variety of exceptional heritage in the area, so much so that it was designated Villes et Pays d'Art et d'Histoire (Towns and Lands of Art and History) in 2014. 

There is so much to discover, including the must-see sights such as the Saint-Denis Basilica, the Marché aux Puces (Flea Market) in Saint-Ouen, the exceptionally varied local heritage, and much, much more.

Plaine Commune, a fountainhead of art and history

Building on their past and their drive, the towns of Plaine Commune soon realised the need to preserve and enhance the heritage in the area in the eyes of their residents.

Much more than just buildings, heritage in Plaine Commune includes areas of natural beauty, industrial and maritime heritage, as well as the collective memory of its inhabitants. These treasures are protected and strengthened thanks to the area being designated Villes et Pays d'Art et d'Histoire (Towns and Lands of Art and History).

What not to miss

Plaine Commune boasts a wide range of heritage, including some exceptional sights that are an absolute must-see during your time in the area. 

Whether you choose to visit our historical monuments, museums, places of outstanding tradition, distinctive mood or impressive architectural interest, or even sights key to the preservation of French memory, they are all ready to welcome you and take you on a journey of discovery.

Discover our local heritage

Sometimes overshadowed by the better-known sights in Plaine Commune, the more discreet, modest heritage is just as captivating.  This local heritage includes churches, châteaux, fountains and squares (index on-going) unique by way of their architecture, ornament, history, or links with historical figures. Come and discover the heritage of Plaine Commune just outside Paris, from the Saint-Denis basilica to the Flea Market, and much, much more  Heritage: Come and discover the cultural wealth of Plaine Commune in Seine-Saint-Denis