Throughout the year, Plaine Commune hosts numerous events – including shows of all kinds, crafts, activities, conferences, exhibitions and sporting events at the Stade de France – that punctuate life in the area.

Activities - a highlight for the community

The cultural diversity and energy in Plaine Commune is demonstrated in the amount of activities and festivals organised for all audiences all throughout the year.

Major festivals

Among the large number of festivals organised across the towns in Plaine Commune, some enjoy a level of fame that goes beyond the borders of the Greater Paris region, and even of France itself. Among others, they include:

  • The festival de Saint-Denis: you can appreciate some exceptional classical music concerts, symphonic orchestras, baroque concerts, recitals, chamber music and convivial receptions organised every year in June
  • The festival Métis: each year in spring, this festival offers a full and varied musical programme across the different towns in Plaine Commune
  • The festival Villes des Musique du Monde (Towns and music of the world): every autumn throughout the towns in Seine-Saint-Denis, this festival brings together an original programme that aims to introduce people to music from all over the world as well as up and coming artists and amateur musicians.

Fairs, fêtes and conferences

Other smaller-scale events also punctuate life in Plaine Commune, and include town fêtes, activities for children, fairs, and conferences, such as, among others:

  • Histoires Communes is a festival of story tales open to all organised by the media libraries in Plaine Commune
  • Seine Commune, a true celebration of water sports and outdoor activities is organised in the L'Ile-Saint-Denis park for a day of fun and activities 
  • The Foire des savoir-faire (the Skills Fair) is a convivial event that is takes place several times throughout the year, showcasing the local craftsmen of Plaine Commune, supported by the social and solidarity economy
  • Savante banlieue (Suburb Scholars) takes place in autumn and celebrates science with conferences and workshops on a given theme

Le Stade de France® - live sport and entertainment in the perfect setting

Built for the 1998 World Cup, the Stade de France® is the largest sporting and entertainment venue in France. 

Every year, it hosts rugby matches for the Top 14 and the French national team, football matches for Cup games and the French national team, as well as the world-famous Meeting Areva in which the world’s top athletes compete. 

Also, because of its size and facilities, it is the perfect venue for international superstars, such as Madonna, U2, ACDC, Muse, Lady Gaga and many, many more, to hold legendary music concerts.

You can also just go and visit the stadium!