Did you know?

  • The Flea market stretches over 7 hectares
  • Les Puces receives over 5 million visitors each year
  • It is the birthplace of Gyspy Jazz
  • Les Puces is used as a location for many films (Midnight in Paris, Zazie in the Metro) and music videos (Maria – Ricky Martin)

Just on Paris’ doorstep, this trendy area has become a favourite with Parisians, people of the Greater Paris region and all lovers of fascinating walks. Many popular establishments choose to locate here, including restaurants, hotels and art galleries.

World’s largest antiques market

Stretching over 7 hectares, more than 2000 stalls and boutiques offer a spectacular sight to seduce bargain hunters and wayfarers alike. You can find all the traditional antiques, such as furniture, bronze statues, lamps, tableware, jewellery, toys, books and clothing, as well as more unusual pieces, including scientific apparatus, marine objects; collectors items, sports gear, old tools, archaeological finds and military uniforms.

Trendy place for a stroll

Much more than just a market, this place is the crossroads of civilisations and fashion. Eachdifferent market has a unique atmosphere. The Marché Vernaison has a rural and picturesque feeling, while the rue Paul Bert is lined with wisteria-covered houses. The leafy patios of the Marché Malassis contrast heavily with the boutiques at the Marché Biron, reminiscent of the splendour of the famous Parisian tearooms. And the Marché Serpette enjoys a muted ambiance with its covered aisles. The recent revival of vintage furniture and accessories has rejuvenated the famous historical flea market. 

Les Puces: a truly unique atmosphere 

Les Puces has been classed as an Aire de Valorisation de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine (Zone Promoting Architecture and Heritage), making it the only urban site in France to be added to the list because of its atmosphere. For these reasons and many more, the 15 markets – popular with TV, showbiz and political personalities – form another world that welcomes millions of visitors each year.