On achève bien les anges / Zingaro

Cultural ,  Show at Aubervilliers
  • The last show of Bartabas Zingaro returns to the theater!

    In a single area - we consider the depths of a volcano - Bartabas back on stage and gives us a fascinating equestrian and poetic reverie. For this new creation, he descends into the arena like a fallen archangel from his purgatory.

    For here the heaven of angels announcing the flights land and are meant riders. Even the horse heaven is not easy. How messenger to turn, when the circle of hell continues to reverse and seraphim messed up the wings to regain their kingdom? What star is proud when walking on a wire above the volcanoes? What assumption believe when the punishment happens to the sound of pipe organs?

    Tickets available at the tourist office.
  • From September 30, 2016 to December 30, 2016
  • Child rate

    • Annual

    21 €
  • Adult

    • Annual

    42 €
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