Une Île

Cultural ,  Exhibition at Saint-Denis
François Réau
Anne Slacik
Sylvie Chan-Liat
Laurent Gongora
François Génot
  • Discover the views of thirteen different artists on their immediate surroundings, on the city and nature!

    Between the Seine and the canal, 6b, is an island, a utopia.

    The island is a territory of fantasies, where everything would be possible.

    Water marks this landscape, nature reserve. It is a link and a boundary.
    She also calls for the walk.

    Around this building, in a state of flux, urbanism is growing. What is left of the natural environment? This is the quest for artists who have traveled through this environment.
    Would nature here resume its rights over the city or in coexistence with it?

    This exhibition invites you to explore a new city that is being rebuilt by plants. It offers different viewpoints and framing on the surrounding landscape, this changing environment, where water is a source of imagination and envy elsewhere.

    Works, installations, paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures are, for the most part, created specifically for the event. Some, realized with materials found near the 6b, plants, lands, building elements, mingle together and compose a landscape between dream and reality. In this island, an imaginary place, these collected, collected elements constitute the memories of a traveler. Others transmit the memory of this site and its possible to become. As time goes by, there is a natural environment, water at the top of trees, the plant heritage still present.

    "An island" offers a trip to the discovery of a plant city. The works reveal a landscape where everything can still happen.

    Opening on Friday, October the 20th at 6 pm.

    Around the exhibition:
    - October 28th at 14h: Exhibition paths of the Sixty Adada at 6b, passing by at the HCE gallery. Booking on www.tourisme93.com.
    - November 5th from 16h to 18h30: Presentation of the magazine "Point Contemporain", partner of the exhibition.
    - On November 8th from 7pm: "Le 6b, a gazebo to observe the landscape", with the participation of Marc Bellini, artist, Jean-Clément Grisard, luthier, creator of a garden in Permaculture and Camille Jullien, landscape designer
    - November 10th from 4 pm: Participative action "Building a fire" around the charcoal proposed by François Génot.
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  • From October 19, 2017
    until November 10, 2017
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