Paris l’Été - La Fuite

Cultural ,  Circus ,  Festival at Épinay-sur-Seine

L'Eté Parisien
  • Discover a creation of Matias Pilet and Olivier Meyrou as part of the festival Paris l'Été and the Children's Festival.

    Where does Hektor come from? He must have forgotten it so much he traveled. Hektor will probably never be in his place in this world that does not want him. He is free. His clumsy reactions are happily disconcerting. His naivety protects him from violence and contempt. To the ambient cynicism, to the implacable functioning of our societies, he opposes his indissoluble utopia. His lack of mistrust, his generous credulity question our relationship to the world.
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  • On July 19, 2018
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