Jour de jongle

Cultural ,  Show ,  Circus at La Courneuve

Geert Roels
  • Two juggling and balance shows are offered around a yurt planted in the middle of the square!

    In the program :
    - 17:30, "Objets à gravité modifiée" by Frères Kazamaroffs, with a nomadic yurt, a craftsman juggler, a musician and a whole odds and ends;
    - 19h, "As heavy as it goes" by the Circus Katoen Company, artists play with the balance of bodies and bags to reinvent the game of gravity.

    "Objets à gravité modifiée"
    Duration: about 1h.
    From 6 years old.

    "As heavy as it goes"
    Duration: about 50 minutes.
    From 10 years old.
  • On October 13, 2018 at 17:30
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