Hors Limites - Vous ne comprenez rien à la Lune

Cultural ,  Festival ,  Show at Villetaneuse
Association Bibliothèques en Seine-Saint-Denis
  • As part of the festival Hors Limites, come to admire the creation resulting from the meeting between the author and playwright Alice Zeniter and the choreographer and dancer Orin Camus.

    They are twelve to have set foot on the moon. Most of them then continued their career at NASA, haloed by this particular glory. They have toured the world to give lectures, some have embarked on politics.

    But when he returned to Earth, Neil Armstrong returned to live on his family farm and systematically refused to answer the interviews. Buzz Aldrin went through many years of depression and alcoholism. Edgar Mitchell and James Irwin have sunk into a mysticism that borders on madness: Irwin went in search of the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat, Mitchell begs the US government to finally tell the whole truth about the aliens of Roswell. What happened up there?

    Through bodies and words, Orin Camus and Alice Zeniter explore what the relationship of astronauts to the Moon may be. They also question the possibility of living this journey in the stars as a mystical or romantic experience in the hysterical America of the sixties and the cold war.

    In partnership with the festival Concordan (s) e.
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  • Free
  • On March 27, 2018 at 12:00
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