Hors Limites - Tenir le fief, hisser le pavillon

Cultural ,  Festival at Saint-Denis
Bibliothèques en Seine-Saint-Denis
  • As part of the festival Hors Limites, participate in reading-meeting with David Lopez.

    With special attention to gestures and know-how of all kinds - boxing techniques, card tactics and rolling joints being similarly taken seriously, David Lopez, former rapper, boxing teacher and graduate in sociology, manages to find a novelistic form to write "what we do when we do nothing". For doing nothing is what life does, apparently at least, Jonah and his childhood friends. They were born in this intermediate zone between the city and the countryside that can only be called by neologism: from the periurban to the "rurbanité". But for the latter, this in-between is also social and the novel metaphorizes geographically: a 'bowl' pavillonnaire between two hills, one occupied by the bars of the building of the city, the other by the luxurious residences - such are the boundaries of the 'fiefdom' where their parents bought their house off plan. By taking hold of a universe in which literature has so far been little ventured, David Lopez places the action of his book more in the language: the way his characters use it, the relationship they maintain with it and that of others. It shows, in a very beautiful way, that a lot of the identity and life forms of a society play it ...
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  • On March 20, 2018 at 14:30
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