Hors Limites - On ne naît pas dans le 99, on y vient !

Cultural ,  Festival at Saint-Ouen
Association Bibliothèques en Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Join the writing workshops with Marc Nammour, as part of the festival out of Limits!

    We know the attachment of many rap artists to their home department. Placed in the heart of the refrains of classics of the genre, certain two-digit combinations have even acquired their nobility! But who knows the 99, this department which originates all the residents on the French territory born abroad? From this ghost territory, product of an "administrative fiction" and gathering all the people having as common point elsewhere, Marc Nammour made a show that will play Friday, March 23 at the Espace 1789. On this occasion, he decided to transfer the Departmental Council of 99 to the Persepolis media library and to organize writing workshops open to all citizens and 99 of hearts!

    The goal? To evoke together the crossed stories, the multiple identities, the mixed languages, the specific culture, the ways of life and the shared values ​​which make the singularity of this imaginary department which only needs to be imagined.

    Let's invent the common heritage of 99 and put it in the register of national wealth!
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  • On March 28, 2018 at 17:00
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