Hors Limites - Les smartphones se cachent pour mourir

Cultural ,  Festival at Saint-Ouen
Bibliothèques en Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Lecture-meeting with Guillaume Poix as part of the Hors Limites festival.

    What happens to these laptops and tablets that we discard when they no longer work? Discovering that they are going to Ghana, where there is a huge discharge of electronic components, the playwright Guillaume Poix thinks that he holds there a subject capable of showing the reverse of our daily life, or its blind spot, or its point of departure. leak. To organize the confrontation between our hyper-connected Western world and Africa that we continue to plunder (its oil for example) and to destroy (with our toxic waste), Guillaume Poix wanted to write a novel that would make cross a Frenchman wanting photograph this Dante dump, and three Ghanaian teenagers killing themselves trying to make a living. Roman both handsome and hard, inventive and uncompromising, Fils Fils has received the 2017 Wepler Award.
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  • On March 31, 2018 at 18:00
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