Hors Limites - En armes

Cultural ,  Festival ,  Show at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine
Association Bibliothèques de Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Discover a creation imagined following the unpublished meeting between the writer Sylvain Pattieu and the choreographer Yvann Alexandre as part of the Hors Limites festival.

    We take things in life
    Sadness and people leaving
    Often it's okay, it slips
    We do not believe in the theory of the accident, it is structural.
    But we resist we do what we can
    We dance, we write
    We hug, we carapace
    We would need a place to meet with those we loved
    It would be somewhere else that night and dreams
    A real place.
    We do not want to get out of the woes of the world
    Isolate yourself and set yourself apart
    We cry sometimes but we are there, we are inside, we fight
    We give ourselves the means
    Blow to blow as much as you can
    We have our bodies that move and our words that resonate
    We are in arms.

    In partnership with the festival Concordan (s) e.
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  • Free
  • On March 27, 2018 at 18:00
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