Hors Limites - Cosigner & consigner

Cultural ,  Festival at Aubervilliers
Association Bibliothèques de Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Come to the reading-meeting animated by Judith Perrignon.

    Judith Perrignon is a political journalist for Libération since 1991.

    Sometimes taking the paths of fiction as new lines of inquiry, and often co-signed with various personalities (the political woman Eva Joly, the actress and director Marianne Denicourt, the obstetrician René Frydman, the seamstress Sonia Rykiel or Christine Géricot, a professor of visual arts in a children's hospital), Judith Perrignon's books are in touch with the news of the world and in relation with the actresses and actors of this one. Through the story of emblematic scenes bearing the seeds of political transformations - be it the famous Nuit du Fouquet's which celebrated the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, the drowning of six black teenagers in Louisiana or national issues that underlie extended the organization of Victor Hugo's funeral - or by writing crime novels bathed in the murky waters of a globalized political-economic system, by chronicling the daily struggle of patients and caregivers or the prism of artists' lives Judith Perrignon armed the literature with the tools of investigation of the report.
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  • On March 22, 2018 at 18:30
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